Why Herbs?

Herbs are what our ancestors used for medicine. Each plant, the first being very different from the last, has infinite things going on within itself that all work together in a perfectly orchestrated system.

Mainstream science has a tendency to (attempt to) segregate and siphon off particular elements of each, distill to very strong doses, and sell them to relieve people of various ailments.

While this has its benefits, especially for extreme diseases and life threatening situations, these lab experiments have had a lot of issues as well, creating unnatural side effects and sometimes causing more problems than solutions.

So, what’s the balance between that extreme, and the other extreme of swearing off all pharmaceuticals?


We’ve lost a lot of what used to be mainstream knowledge about nature and plants, and our modern day diets (which is another discussion for another day) have been condensed into very few foods which don’t have enough of the nutrients our bodies need to function at their very best.

This is why we need to take the responsibility of learning for ourselves what nature can provide to us, in exchange for growing and maintaining these plants, and continuing on the good traditions that have saved our lives through the centuries.

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