All Natural Motion Sickness Relief

Dealing with motion sickness can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you forget your pills and wind up puking for 4 hours while your friends enjoy a nice fishing trip on a boat you thought you’d be fine on.

While I don’t know how to convince myself that it’s all in my head (yet), I have always depended on Dramamine to get me through, and it does every time. But, the more I take it, the more I dislike how even the non-drowsy formula makes me feel, even if it is just a subtle “out-there” feeling. It’s especially worse when you buy the 24-hour relief pills so you don’t have to think about timing your next dose just right, and then you’re in a slight daze the rest of the day.

More recently, I discovered Dramamine’s “natural” formula, and come to see the label only has ginger root. Incredibly impressed, and slightly nervous, I bought it and tried it on my next flight. It worked almost perfectly, gave no side effects, no weird feelings, and all the while providing me with ginger’s health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Being a good source of vitamin C and a few essential minerals
  • Providing an immune boost
  • Reducing inflammation in the body
  • Aiding digestion and general gut health

The dose is 2 capsules which each contain 500 mg, so 1000 mg per dose. The bottle does not say how long it is expected to last, but I have decided not to go beyond five hours. The bottle suggests not to take more than 4 capsules in 24 hours for adults, but I have and never have any problems. I’ve discovered that many “daily recommended values” are less than what my body really wants anyway.

Cheap & Effective Motion Sickness Remedy

I can usually find a pack of 18 capsules (9 servings) of this ginger root Dramamine for around $6.

My most recent airplane trip I didn’t feel like buying more, and had a bottle of these chewable ginger tablets going to waste in my cabinet. Each is 500 mg just like Dramamine capsules so I decided to be brave and try them. Right before boarding the plane I took 2 tablets. If the flight had extra turbulence, I took another. Good news: so far it has worked just fine! I’d also be willing to bet that these begin to work faster than the half hour capsules take to kick in.

How much do these other ones cost? I can find a bottle of 90 tablets for about $13 at the Vitamin Shoppe. That’s 45 servings, more than double the amount Dramamine gives for the same price.

I love herbs and how cheap they are!