It started when I was about 2 years old. My mom took me in to the doctor to have a normal round of booster shots – at the time there were a couple kinds taken at the same time (something they don’t do anymore). Hours later I was in the emergency room with an allergic reaction of some sort, respiratory. After that I developed asthma, which luckily only appeared as I got sick with something else, like a cold or flu.

I’m not sure if this scare is what triggered my dad to get into herbal medicine and a more natural approach to being healthy than running to the doctor for every sneeze, but nevertheless I grew up with many “take this natural thing and that other natural thing”, instead of tylenol and cough drops (ok, maybe a cough drop. A zinc cough drop).

The more I’ve gotten into nature and how it can interact with our bodies, the more and more fascinating it has become. This blog is a compilation of personal experience, experiments, lots of great books I’ve bought, some my parents have bought, tons of online resources, research done by the scientific community, and maybe adding on some classic recipes. I hope it can be useful and educational for you as much as it has been for me!

Feel free to comment or contact with additions, edits, suggestions, or other herbs you’d like added.

Thanks and enjoy.